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Elevate Your 3D Modeling Experience with RealityCapture

🚀 Leap into the future of photogrammetry with RealityCapture! Our cutting-edge software transforms your images and laser scans into stunning 3D models with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Whether you're mapping expansive terrains or capturing intricate details for virtual reality, RealityCapture is your go-to solution. ⏱️ Speed and Precision: Say goodbye to long processing times. RealityCapture's lightning-fast technology delivers high-quality results, propelling your projects forward at an unprecedented pace.

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🚀 Ensure every flight is safe and compliant with the GRADD Drone Pre-flight Checklist App. Our intuitive app guides you through a comprehensive pre-flight process, covering all essential safety checks and preparations.

📱 Perfect for the Field: GRADD's Drone Pre-flight Checklist is mobile-optimized, providing seamless access right from your smartphone. Designed specifically for use in the field, our checklist is the pilot's companion for pre-launch preparation.

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LAS3D, developed by GRADD, represents a significant advancement in the field of 3D modeling and point cloud visualization.

This innovative cloud-based platform is specifically designed to view and analyze 3D models and point clouds, which are crucial in various industries, including geospatial analysis, construction, and urban planning.

The key feature of LAS3D is its ability to display large datasets typically generated by LiDAR and photogrammetry. By being cloud-based, it offers the flexibility of accessing complex 3D data from anywhere, without the need for powerful local hardware. This accessibility democratizes the use of high-end 3D data processing and visualization tools.

LAS3D is not only about viewing 3D models; it also provides a suite of analysis tools. Users can measure distances, areas, and volumes directly within the 3D environment, which is invaluable for surveying and planning. Additionally, the platform supports various data formats, making it versatile for different workflows and industries.

The integration of LAS3D into GRADD's offerings showcases their commitment to providing cutting-edge tools in the realm of remote sensing and spatial analysis. By leveraging cloud computing, LAS3D ensures that complex 3D data is more accessible and usable for professionals in diverse fields, ultimately contributing to more informed decision-making and efficient project management.

By clicking above, you may explore a detailed 3D inspection of a crash scene, showcasing LAS3D's practical application in forensic analysis and accident reconstruction. Furthermore, interested individuals can download the GRADD White Paper on utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at crash scenes, providing in-depth insights and methodologies in this specialized field. This addition of LAS3D into GRADD's suite of tools underscores their commitment to pioneering remote sensing and spatial analysis solutions, making intricate 3D data more accessible and actionable for professionals across multiple sectors.


Discover the transformative impact of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in accident reconstruction and forensic analysis with our insightful GRADD White Paper. This comprehensive document delves into the practical applications and advantages of using UAS technology for detailed 3D inspections at crash scenes. It offers valuable insights and methodologies that can revolutionize the way crash scenes are analyzed and documented. Ideal for professionals in law enforcement, accident reconstruction, and forensic analysis, this white paper is a must-read for anyone looking to leverage the latest in drone technology for more accurate and efficient investigations.

Click below to download the GRADD White Paper and explore the cutting-edge potential of UAS in enhancing crash scene analysis. Unlock a new perspective in forensic investigation today! 

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