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UAV + Pix4Dmapper + Analist Land Survey Software

The Complete Analist Mapping Solution

What you get

Flight, Process, Topography.

With the Analist Complete Mapping Solution you get accurate and immediately actionable information about your land as frequently as you want. You’ll see more, see better, and save money, and once you see your operations from the air you’ll never approach work the same way again.

What Analist has devised is a unique and most effective solution in terms of convenience and time saving.

Complete Mapping Solution

An all in one Solution

UAV + Pix4Dmapper + Analist Topographic Software.

A ready to fly Phantom 3 Professional Drone, Pix4Dmapper which automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV and The Analist Autodesk technology based software which is a unique and most innovative tool for all topographic and surveying tasks. Learn more ►

A ready to fly Phantom 3 Professional Drone

Lightweight, multi-functional integrated aircraft and camera.

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Pix4Dmapper automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery.

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Topographic Software

The Analist Autodesk technology based software for all topographic and surveying tasks.

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Ready to fly Drone

Phantom 3 Professional.

As a dji official partner we are proud to offer in our complete mapping solution a ready to fly Phantom 3 Professional Drone Lightweight, multi-functional integrated aircraft and camera

  • Camera remote-control by DJI APP (iOS e Android)

  • Range Extender increases Wi-Fi distance to 2 Km

  • Anti-vibration camera platform with single axis stabilisation

  • Low-voltage protection

  • Virtual Radar aircraft locator on mobile device

  • Range of camera tilt options

  • Multiple, continuous and timed capture options

  • 4K Video Recording (4096x2160p)

  • RAW and JPEG picture formats.

UAV Phantom 3 PRO
Pix4D mapper


Process terrestrial and aerial imagery.

We are also proud partners to Pix4D. Our solution includes the Pix4Dmapper which automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. And converts your images into highly precise, customizable and timely results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.

Advanced Desktop Processing: Bundled with camera and Pix4D’s image processing software for a complete and professional all-in-one aerial workflow package.

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The Complete Topographic Software.

The Analist Autodesk technology based software which is a unique and most innovative tool for all topographic and surveying tasks, the most efficient and fastest way to achieve successful results. With Analist you’ll be using a Professional Autodesk licensed CAD.

Not only can you use it integrated with the Analist Complete Mapping Solution but also with other collecting data devices such as GPS, Total Stations and so on.

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Technical Details ►

Land Survey Software Analist
use mapping solution

Use of the Solution

What you can do.

  • Handling of all topographic operations: surveys, processing, planning;

  • Handling of technical Land Registry documentation;

  • Local government;

  • Research of Control Points;

  • Coordinate transformation;

  • Land modeling;

  • Profiles and sections;

  • Importation of Maps from Google Earth;

  • Quarries and modeling and volume calculation;

  • Road planning;

  • 3D Rendering and Environmental Impact;

  • Assessment;

  • Land Registry Maps;

  • Land Registry Maps Georeferencing;

  • Map extraction;

  • Direct communication with with Gamin navigators;

  • Handling adjustment points;

  • Map posting on Google Earth;

  • DWG – KMZ – GPS Exportation;

  • GPX Importation.


Frequently Asked Questions.

ico Question

You can fly your Phantom 3 up to approximately 800/900 m. Baring in mind that the flight up takes 5m/s and the descent 3m/s. At higher altitudes, the air gets thinner, which will make control more difficult. Please note that flying above that height will bring you into airspace with manned aviation such as helicopters and planes, and can be highly dangerous. However, depending on the type of application, there are different ideal altitudes: for Land Survey flights 50 meters or slightly above is enough; for Thermographic Inspection of Photovoltaic Panels Systems, a flight between 25 and 50 meters in altitude is ideal.

ico Question

It is capable of flying at a maximum speed of approximately 16m/s. The ideal speed however, depends on the type of application we use the drone for. In Photogrammetry, for example, the target is always clear and sharp footage. Theoretically the higher you fly, the faster you can go without blurry images. If you fly too near to your relief object at a high speed, there is the risk of blurry footage, which will negatively affect the quality of your Survey.

ico Question

When flying in good weather conditions at a speed of approximately 5m/s the battery life is of about 20/25 mins. The battery can be changed very quickly and easily thanks to the new integrated battery compartment. It is advisable to have one or two extra batteries for vast Survey areas.

ico Question

The Phantom 3 PROFESSIONAL is designed to be capable of carrying up a total of about 2 kilos of payload (like an action camera setup). This ready-to-fly set up has been specifically designed for immediate and efficient use. It has been tested for maximum stability and highest performance. Adding extra weight reduces flight time, stability and general efficiency.

ico Question

YES. The Android software works with any device that has GPS and that can support an OTG cable and has 4.0 Android System or above. Android recommended: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 or phones of similar configuration. Read the article ►

ico Question

Absolutely YES. iOS recommended: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch 5 (available but not recommended: iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini). Read the article ►

ico Question
WHAT IS THE “Return Home” Feature?

The Phantom3 PROFESSIONAL Drone flies back to take off position in case of loss of control. The flight radar displays the current position of the Phantom 3 PROFESSIONAL in relation to the pilot. Exceeding the control range of the remote control will trigger ‘Return-to-Home’, that is if connection between the drone and the pilot is lost the Phantom 3 PROFESSIONAL will automatically fly back to its takeoff point and land safely.

ico Question

Flying a device this small in heavy wind conditions is always going to be a challenge. The Phantom 3 PROFESSIONAL with GPS enabled are designed to stay in place and they will do their best to maintain a set position. In our experience, we have been able to fly in winds of up to 15 km per hour without significant degradation of control. If there is a considerable amount of wind, it will put a heavier stress and load on the motors and batteries and your flight time will most likely be adversely affected. Read the article ►

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