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July 11, 2015 Workshop

GRADD | 3D Scanning | 3D Modeling | 3D Visualization | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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GRADD hosted its first 8-hour small UAS Safety Awareness Workshop at Craig Ranch Regional Park in North Las Vegas on July 11, 2015. It was well attended, with participants from industry, government, and general public alike.

The workshop was taught by Anthony Galante. The class received a 90+% approval rating from the attendees. It was clear by the level of engagement during the 8-hour training that GRADD brought something special to Nevada that no other partnership has done before.

The event was covered by Channel 5 Fox News of Las Vegas, and Channel 2 News from Reno.

The workshop also enjoyed the support and endorsement of Mayor John Lee of North Las Vegas, who stated that “The City of North Las Vegas is delighted to host GRADD’s Professional-grade small UAS Safety Awareness Training Workshop, a first in Nevada. The growing UAS (drone) industry promises many high-paying jobs for our citizens. GRADD’s team of experts has worked diligently to bring the UAS industry to Southern Nevada. We look forward to expanding our partnership with GRADD to set up indoor and outdoor netted testing areas for UAS, right here in the City of North Las Vegas.”

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