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sUAS Safety Awareness Workshop

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sUAS_w_GRADD_LogoThis workshop is an introductory course that clears up misconceptions about the drone industry and covers need-to-know information for anyone interested in operating drones for profit. It provides in-person interaction and question-answer with an instructor. Have your questions answered and hear relevant questions from other workshop participants that you may not have considered. Join us and discover what you did not know about UAS safety.

The leading cause of UAS mishaps and accidents are equipment failures. This course will also look at the importance of conditional maintenance, tracking maintenance, and preconditions that can reduce equipment performance and increase risk.

The environment can play an important role in small UAS operations. Small UAS operators need to be aware of the National Airspace System, how to avoid midair collisions, and deal with weather and obstacles.

Every operation is unique and will present unique challenges and hazards. Small UAS operators should plan and be equipped to deal with issues such as dealing with Air Traffic Control and traditional air traffic. Working with customers but not allowing communication to be detrimental to the operation, and dealing with varying scales and complexities in a UAS operation.

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