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Traffic Accident Investigation

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Traffic Accident Investigation: timely, accurate and simple!

The GRADD-Analist Group Solution for vehicle traffic accident investigation and reconstruction provides a full range of aerial intelligence to reduce the time and resources it takes to collect data, clear the site and get the roadway open again.

It allows officers to take measurements at the scene of a complex accident 1-2 minutes. This tool gives accurate, detailed information for the investigation allows for immediate reopening of the roads.

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How it works

Once we are on the accident scene all is requested is to follow some very basic steps. The whole operation requires no longer than a few minutes allowing for immediate reopening of the road.

The simple sequence to follow consists of:

  1. Take one ground measurement
  2. Flight and Imagery Acquisition
  3. Orthomosaic and 3D model generation in Pix4Dmapper
  4. Measurements in Analist 2016 CLOUD
  5. Animation with OneRay-RT

1. Take one ground measurement

1 measurement must be taken. A distance meter can be used to measure one distance from point to point as you will see from the photo below. (A Leica S910 Distance Laser meter is suggested, although any instrument can be used, a metre for example).



2. Flight and Imagery Acquisition

Once the measurement has been taken it is necessary to fly the drone for the image acquisition. It is recommended to plan the automatic flight with the free apps available on mobile devices. The Pix4D Capture App, Map Pilot or DJI Go have proved to be very effective, just to mention a few. The following image shows the Pix4capture App. A two minute, or even less, flight is enough to attain all the relevant information. It is recommended to shoot a sequence of photos with the drone. At this point the data can be transferred to a computer for the processing phase.

To cover a one acre area will require a 2 minute flight for the acquisition of 20 2D photos.

piano_volo_APPFlight plan created automatically in just a few seconds with the Pix4DCapture App

3. Orthomosaic and 3D model generation in Pix4D

The sequence of pictures acquired from the drone flight are fed into Pix4D, an automatic photogrammetric software, for the creation of a detailed orthomosaic and 3D model of the surveyed area.

Pix4dmapper_import-photosImagery importation to Pix4Dmapper


Pix4dmapper_accident3D Model obtained with Pix4Dmapper

4. Measurements in Analist

The project created in Pix4D is then transferred to Analist CLOUD which automatically creates a most precise scaled model with the insertion of the measurement obtained with the Leica DISTO S910. At this point you can proceed with all the measurements by simply clicking from point to point to take all the measurements with the highest accuracy. Analist CLOUD is powered by Autodesk and represents a very powerful tool as the level of precision is indisputable and the error margin is zero. It also generates detailed documentation of all measurements available whenever necessary to be used.

Accident 3D model in AnalistProject in Analist


Analist_scale_measuresThe insertion of the  measurement taken on ground at the scene is essential in order to scale our project. With a click from point to point and inserting the distance the entire project is scaled thus enabling for the acquiring of any distance.


Measurements In Analist 2016 CLOUDAny distance can be taken just clicking from point to point)

5. 3D Rendering and Animation with OneRay-RT

The project can be animated with OneRay-RT 3D rendering and animation software which shows the animation of the accident for forensic uses. An objective tools for use of all parties involved.


OneRay-RT character Insertion and Animation

The Complete drone solution for Accident Traffic Investigation and Reconstruction includes a DJI Phantom 3 or 4 Drone + Pix4Dmapper + Analist 2016 CLOUD.

Why choose the Solution?

Our testing has shown how in the future, new drone technologies could replace or supplement the traditional accident reconstruction methods, with indisputable advantages in terms of the implementation of sources of evidence that can be acquired in addition to greatly speeding up the survey and the reconstruction.


  • Limitless number of measurements can be taken

With the insertion of the distance taken on the ground at the scene it is possible to attain any distance within the project.

  • Drastic reduction in accident reconstruction time

The reconstruction of the accident area occurs in a very short time, as the operational steps are simple and extremely safe for all those involved.

  • Reduction of risk for people involved and motorists

The speed in the gathering data for reconstruction grants a considerable reduction in the risk for the safety of officers at work on the scene, as well as the motorists involved in the accident.

  • Roadways promptly opened

Another great advantage is that officers can open roadways within a short time from the occurrence of accident.

  • Data Acquisition and Immediate Documentation

Data Acquisition and immediate documentation with videos (photographic surveys), planimetric surveys in 2D and 3D with significant implementation of technical details.

  • ZERO Margin of Error

The margin of error is very close to ZERO when using all the the software and hardware tools in our solution set. Our software, and technology solution is most precise and reliable.

  • Objectivity of the Reconstruction

The new technology provides a tool for all parties involved of absolute objectivity with no margin of error.

  • Always Available in Digital form

With the our solution you can generate a 3D (three-dimensional) digital model which can be used at any time by all parties involved in investigating the accident. The data acquired therefore becomes essential, objective and incontestable.

  • Extremely low Investment

Our solution has a very low cost, and is accessible to everyone. It includes all the necessary tools and equipment, and we also provide the software for post-flight data analysis. And we are also available to provide one-time or on-going training to provide your team with the latest tools and information.

  • Easy to use: perfect to use

Once you master the photo shooting technique with our Training course, carrying out  the measurements and generating the report will become more intuitive.

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