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3D Printing for Nevada’s K-12

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GRADD CO. in partnership with NVBAA (Nevada Business Aviation Association) has launched a program to provide a FREE 3D Printing service for K-12 students in Nevada.

In this program, students/teachers can design their own 3D parts and send their completed files to us electronically. We will then print the parts on our 3D printers housed at the GRADD facility in Las Vegas and ship them back to the students, all FREE of charge to the students/teachers in Nevada. The 3D printers utilized as part of the program also have webcams attached, so students can observe the 3D printing process remotely via the internet in real-time. This allows for students to reap the benefits of learning how to design 3D parts, and print their 3D parts, without the costs associated with buying/maintaining a 3D printer or resin/filament.

If you are a teacher/administrator interested in participating in our 3D printing program to your classroom/school, please contact us at (702)879-9100, or email us at info@gradd.co or info@NVBAA.org

The GRADD & NVBAA team hopes to expand the outreach of the “Free 3D Printing for Nevada’s K-12” program over the 2015-2016 school year, and is continuing to raise funds to purchase additional printing resources. To help bring 3D printing to the children of Nevada, please visit: http://www.nv3d.org/.

The GRADD+NVBAA team kicked off the “Free 3D Printing for Nevada’s K-12” program with a live 3D printing demonstration to spectators of the Reno Air Races from their booth in the “Drone Zone,” providing an excellent opportunity for students, their parents, and teachers to observe the burgeoning 3D printing industry in action. The GRADD+NVBAA team will produce over 500 miniature 3D-printed jet aircraft at their booth in the “Drone Zone”, for students to take home with them over September 17-20, 2015. (Read more about the 3D printing demo at the Reno Air Races on the press release here.)