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Sen Deal Heller visit 072916

We had a wonderful visit with Senator Dean Heller on July 19, 2016, and our interns showed off our latest ground robot, Samson.

GRADD sponsors and supports a successful STEM Education program in partnership with the Nevada Business Aviation Association (NVBAA) to provide STEM summer internships and after-school programs to underrepresented Nevada teens.

The GRADD STEM Education program currently accepts members from the participants/alumni of local Sunrise Mountain High School’s aviation and robotics clubs, and Aviation Post 888 Explorers.

In addition to taking a leading role in their signature project of designing & building the GRADD Flying Wing, the GRADD summer interns are:

  • learning basic computer programming/web design
  • practicing making slideshows & giving oral presentations
  • learning how to keep inventory & track business expenses
  • gaining hands-on shop/tool experience

As part of its efforts to inspire an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields among youths, GRADD CO. is partnering with NVBAA (Nevada Business Aviation Association) to bring 3D Printing to all K-12 students in Nevada.Through the “Free 3D Printing for Nevada’s K-12” program, teachers/students who design their own 3D parts but lack their own 3D printer can send GRADD their 3D object files electronically (via email), and GRADD will print the parts on the 3D printers housed at their facility in Las Vegas and ship them back to the teachers/students, all completely free of charge to the teachers/students. This allows for students to reap the benefits of learning how to design 3D parts, and print their 3D parts, without the costs associated with buying/maintaining a 3D printer or resin/filament.

To read more about the “Free 3D Printing for Nevada’s K-12” program, click here.

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