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Phantom MAPIR – Affordable Drone Solution for Precision Farming

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Accessible and affordable compact light-weight Drone Solution for Precision Farming: Phantom MAPIR

Analist Group is pleased to announce the new innovative solution for NDVI analysis for everyone: the Phantom MAPIR. Need to survey your field with the latest equipment, but you have a limited budget? The Analist Group Phantom MAPIR Solution for NDVI analysis is unique. It is the first solution for everyone: first of all affordable, and you will be able to carry out careful agronomic management in addition to the reduction of environmental impacts, cost containment while maintaining high product quality.

Analist Group, Mapir official partner, a leading American company for the acquisition of multi-spectral imaging with the most compact and low cost equipment is the only company able to offer even the Specific Sector Training you need to immediately become a Precision Farming Specialist.

How does the Phantom MAPIR Solution work?

Fly, generate NDVI Maps and Digital Terrain Models.

The Phantom MAPIR Complete Solution is really simple to use.

  • Fly and acquire images (set the flight plan and shots per second: the DRONE does everything else).
  • Import them into Pix4Dmapper to automatically obtain NDVI Maps, Point Clouds and Digital Terrain Models (DTM).
  • Import the Point Cloud into Analist 2016 CLOUD and run Profiles, Sections, Contour lines, Surface Calculation and more.
  • Finally animate your 3D model with OneRay-RT.

We are the only who can offer you the Complete and Professional Solution for Precision Farming

Phantom MAPIR: Precision Farming for everyone


Why choose a Phantom MAPIR Drone for Precision Farming?

  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to use
  • Training courses included in the Solution
  • Added value massive data acquisition in a very short time (NDVI – ENDVI)
  • Targeted intervention planning with time and money saving
  • Continuous and low cost cultivation monitoring

Phantom MAPIR Drone for Precision Farming

More information on the Analist Group Solution for Precision Farming with the DRONE Analist Group is MAPIR Official Partner Learn what you can do with MAPIR cameras for Precision Farming

MAPIR  Visibile Light, the ideal camera for photogrammetry with Pix4DmapperMAPIR Blue NDVI + NIR for vegetation health analysis and testingIR MAPIR Camera  NDVI and ENDVI comparative analysis


RED Spectrum MAPIR  for vegetation health condition analysis NDVIGREEN Spectrum MAPIR for vegetation health condition analysis ENDVIBlue Spectrum MAPIR ideal with RED Spectrum MAPIR for RGB Images

If you already have a DRONE, we can provide you with the MAPIR cameras, the Training and the software so that you will be immediately operative.  

Analist Group, Drone and Innovation: new professional solutions

In which sectors is the Drone technology applicable?

Find out about all the Analist Group Complete Solutions for Land Survey, Archeology, Thermographic Inspections, Precision Framing, Architecture and much more…



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