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GRADD Turnkey UAS (Drones) Solution for Law Enforcement

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 Analist 2017 SCREENSHOTMeasurements In Analist 2016 CLOUD
GRADD UAS, Technology, Photogrammetry & Software Solutions for Law Enforcement
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We have put together a complete turnkey solution that includes the necessary photogrammetry software, UAS, hardware, and technology tools for a law enforcement agency to quickly and affordably incorporate it into their current operations for the purpose of crime scene data collection, traffic accident reconstruction, and search and rescue operations.

Box ANALIST 2017 ENG miniAnalist 2017 Cloud

Our Analist 2017 is a Professional Autodesk Licensed CAD software that provides you with the power and accuracy to analyze traffic accident data and to conduct distance, area, and angle measurements, including in 3D with our Analist Cloud Explorer tool. Analist 2017 creates cross sections and profiles, plus contour lines and orthomosaics. Analist is an advanced software tool that imports processed images from Pix4Dmapper and also imports other data from:

  • Ground Total Stations
  • DISTO S910 Laser
  • GPS
  • Google Earth
  • LiDAR, and more!

Analist 2017 Cloud is the most powerful software tool for generating accurate surveys from data captured from flights with UAVs.

Leica DISTO S910Leica-Disto-S910-Pack_650

The Leica DISTO™ S910 is the World’s first laser distance meter with the revolutionary P2P Technology, and it captures measurements in CAD format (DXF).



Pix4Dmapper software enables you to convert photos taken with a UAV into point clouds, process the imagery to create orthomosaics and digital terrain models, and export the processed files to Analist 2017 for further analysis.


One UAV, Many Uses!

We have devised a complete solution including a professional DJI Phantom 4 UAV with its powerful onboard camera, plus our proprietary b-mobile VUE kit, a FLIR VUE Pro 640 IR camera, and the necessary software to process the acquired images.

b mobile VUE drone

The Complete Solution for a professional thermographic drone platform using a Phantom 2, 3, or 4.

The b-mobile VUE kit is the most affordable and versatile tool on the market. This kit enables you to seamlessly integrate the DJI Phantom UAV and the FLIR VUE Pro 640 Thermal camera.

This solution allows you to keep the original camera and gimbal that comes with the Phantom (and not void the factory warranty), while adding the professional power of the FLIR VUE Pro 640 camera. Use our innovative solution to perform search and rescue, protection, safety and security operations, firefighting applications.

This solution provides you with most affordable professional IR solution for the DJI Phantom 2, 3, or 4.

This Complete Solution includes:

  • DJI Phantom 4 UAV
  • b-mobile VUE mount
  • FLIR VUE Pro 640
  • Monitor for data transmission
  • Professional Course on Thermography
    b-mobile VUE Complete Kit

     DSC1771 1000monitor


Have your own drone? No problem, we also offer the most advanced software and associated training for analyzing data captured by the IR, RGB, or multispectral cameras.
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Our Turnkey Law Enforcement Solution Includes:b mobile VUE Phantom 4

  • DJI Phantom 4
  • 3 Extra Batteries
  • Professional Case
  • FLIR VUE Pro 640
  • b-mobile VUE Kit
  • Leica DISTO S910 Pro Kit
  • Professional Training
  • 1 Year License of Analist 2017
  • 1 Year License of Pix4Dmapper

Contact us today for more information
702-879-9100 or info@gradd.co