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Accurate Surveys of Building Facade and Interior Space like NEVER before!


How to carry out a Building Exterior and Interior Survey with Analist 2017 CLOUD, Pix4Dmapper and DISTO S910

Fig. 1 Click on the image to add animation to the model and to carry out measurements

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Do you need to carry out a Front Face Survey of a building? Do you need to perform an Interior survey? We have the Complete Solution for your case. You will be able to find everything you need to achieve a prompt successful survey here with us: from instrumentation to facade survey software. We will guide you in some very simple steps using the new most complete Leica DISTO S910 laser distance meter from which you will be able to generate a three-dimensional model from photos using the Pix4Dmapper Automatic Photogrammetric Software, we will then show you how to import and manage the Point Cloud and perform all the measurements on it with Analist 2016 CLOUD.

Operation Sequence:

  1. Identify a series of points both internal as well as external to the building with the DISTO S910. Include at least 3 points in common for the internal and the external parts of the building Building Front you are surveying.
  2. Connect the DISTO S910 to your computer and save the DXF surveys.
  3. Import the DXF (internal and external) DXF into Analist 2016 CLOUD and join the two surveys together by indicating the three points they have in common.
  4. Shoot some photos of the building facade by walking past it with a GoPro (you can also very simply use any camera).
  5. Save the photos on your computer and feed them to Pix4Dmapper to create the point cloud and the 3D model.
  6. Import the point cloud you generated with Pix4Dmapper into Analist 2016 CLOUD: now you can put together the point cloud and the survey with the DISTO S910 (internal ad external combined survey). At this point you can take all the measurements you want.

Building facade you want to survey:

Façade survey with a GoPro HERO 4, Pix4Dmapper and Analist 2016 CLOUD

Interior you want to survey:

Interior survey with the Leica DISTO S910

1. Identify indoor and outdoor points with the Leica DISTO S910 distance laser meter

The idea is to identify a series of points along the survey area perimeter. With the DISTO S910 this operation is simple, fast and extremely accurate.

A tip: use the S910 support rollers to have highest point precision.

Interior survey with Leica DISTO S910

The DISTO S910 laser distance metre comes with a camera and 4x zoom which will allow you to identify your points most accurately and quickly.

Leica DISTO S910 photo

After taking your points, the Disto S910 will automatically create the 2D and the 3D DXF files of the survey.

Did you know that the new Leica DISTO S910 automatically creates the 2D and the 3D DXF files of the survey?

Learn more about the new Leica Disto S910 Distance Laser Metre

Identify external points on the facade.

Take measurements on the façade and create the DXF file with the Disto S910

DISTO S910 4x zoom for façade survey

External points identification

NB: to join together two different surveys (in this case: indoor and outdoor), it is necessary to identify at least 3 points the two surveys have in common. In our case we have taken the points of a tile in the hallway which can be seen both from inside as well as from outside.

Identification of the points in common to the indoor and outdoor surveys

Identification of the points in common to the indoor and outdoor surveys

Learn more about the new Leica DISTO S910 distance laser metre

2. Connect the DISTO S910 to your computer and save the generated files:

Connect the DISTO S910 to your computer and save the DLM acquired files

Here is how the files are shown in the DISTO S910:

Files saved in the DISTO S910

Our advice is to organize your work by creating some folders on your PC. In our case, as we need to survey indoor and outdoor areas we have created 2 folders “indoor” and “outdoor” to keep everything organized.

Example of Folder organization on a PC


3. Import DXF files generated by the DISTO S910 into the Analist 2016 CLOUD Software and join the two surveys together

The DXF file importation into Analist 2016 CLOUD is the by the far the most simple operation.

Step A: Select “INSERT” top left click in Analist:

Import DXF files into Analist 2016 Cloud

Step B: Click on “BROWSE” to choose the files to import:

Import DXF files with Analist 2016 CLOUD

Step C: Select the DXF file and click on “OPEN“, then click on “OK”. Click anywhere you wish within the CAD to import the DXF file.

Choose the DXF file to import into Analist

The DXF file has been imported into Analist 2016 CLOUD:

The imported DXF file in Analist

Step D: At this point we need to import the outdoor DXF with the same procedure. Step E: Now join the two DXF files by indicating the 3 points they have in common:


Now we need to focus on the Facade.  

4. Shoot a series of photos with a GoPro HERO 4

Façade survey with a GoPro HERO 4, Pix4Dmapper and Analist 2016 CLOUD

Shooting a photo sequence is very fast: all you have to do is walk along your facade with a GoPro. We set 2fps (frames per second) as we walked along the facade. We have thus produced 42 photos which will be used to create the 3D model, the facade point cloud.

How do I know how many photos to take? Well, the most important thing is to make sure that there is overlapping of the images. This is why we chose a quite fast shooting sequence (2fps) and we have walked quite slowly along the survey area.

Set 1 photo every 0,5 seconds to get good overlappinng

5. Automatically generate your Point Cloud and your 3D model of the photos with Pix4Dmapper

Generating Point Clouds and 3D models with Pix4Dmapper is very easy. First and foremost save the pics on your computer. Start Pix4Dmapper and select “NEW PROJECT” to start a new Project.

Start Pix4Dmapper and select NEW PROJECT to start a new Project

Select the GoPro photos previously saved on your computer.

A tip: keep the folders with the photos, videos and DXF files of your project tidily stored on your computer, it will be much more simple.

Seleziona le foto

Start processing.

Avvia l'elaborazione di Pix4Dmapper


3D Model and Point Cloud generated by Pix4Dmapper

Pix4Dmapper will AUTOMATICALLY provide the Point Cloud and the 3D Model of your survey! Pix4Dmapper FREE Download

6. Import the Point Cloud into Analist 2016 CLOUD, join it with the DXF model with the DISTO S910 and carry out all the measurements you wish

Import the Point Cloud into Analist 2016 CLOUD:

Analist 2016 Cloud imports and manages Point Clouds

Scale the Point Cloud joining it with the points identified with the DISTO S910.

Scale the Point Cloud joining it with the points identified with the DISTO S910.

Start to measure. You are now free to carry out all the measurements you wish!

Carry out all the measurements you wish on your Point Cloiud with Analist 2016 CLOUD

Carry out all the measurements you wish on your Point Cloiud with Analist 2016 CLOUD

To sum up:

  • DXF generated with the Leica DISTO S910 laser distance meter
  • 42 photos taken with a Hero 4
  • Point Cloud and 3D Model creation with photos with Pix4Dmapper
  • Scale, Model georeferencing, Merge and Measurements with Analist 2016 CLOUD

Photo gallery

Last but not least for a grand professional Survey is contextualization and animation of your 3D Model. Here is a preview with some examples of the newest OneRay-RT:

State of the art Technology accessible to everyone at last.

We have devised a COMPLETE and revolutionary solution which will enable you to implement your competences and your business. Generate DXF plans with the new Leica DISTO S910, create 3D models from your photos with Pix4Dmapper and carry out all your measurements (distances, angles, volume calculation, etc.) with Analist 2016 CLOUD. Our Solution guarantees highest standard operations and results with an extraordinary visual impact in a very short time.

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Soluzione Rilievo facciate interni

DISTO S910 Pack

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The Leica Disto S910 Pack is the new revolutionary Distance Laser Meter with which you can acquire measurement points in a DXF file as a plan, a prospect or even 3D data with reference images.

More extraordinary must have functions are: Distance measurement, Area and Volume measurement, Camera function,Touch screen, Measure with the picture, Smart Angle measurement, Smart Area measurement …


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Leica Disto S910 Pack
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3D Models and orthophotos with centimeter accuracy.

Take photos of the front of a building using a GoPro or your camera and generate 3D model with centimeter accuracy. With the Pix4Dmapper software you can automatically generate orthophotos, 3D models, 3D Raster DSM and point clouds directly from your photos.

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Analist 2020 CLOUD

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Analist 2020 CLOUD is Autodesk Technology based Software able to import and manage Point Clouds and orthophotos created with Pix4Dmapper or equivalent software. With Analist you can take all the measurements you want and calculate volumes and areas by simply tracing polylines, in addition to importing and ,managing DXF survey files carried out with the DISTO S910 and so much more.

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Analist 2016Pix4Dmapper

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