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GRADD’s Drone Deployment Services will provide expertise to serve the following industries:
3D Mapping, Land Surveys, Volumetric Analysis, Education and Research, First Response Operations, Infrastructure Inspection and Monitoring, Precision Agriculture, and Wildlife and Forestry Monitoring. Learn more about ANALIST2016 by clicking on the links below:

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We maintain a database of all FAA-approved companies (issued Section 333 Exemption) operating drones across the US. It is our vision to help connect customers in need of UAS services with local companies that specialize in their providing those desired services. And we are always available to provide technology to integrate sensor data into comprehensive user-friendly solutions for applications such as Land Surveying, Thermographic Inspections, Precision Farming, Traffic Accident Reconstruction, and Topographic Studies.

We are seeking partners in North America who are operating UAS to help us provide services to organizations, companies, government, and military. In short, we seek to create a “Trusted Partner” Alliance of vetted, approved companies running safe, insured and legal operations of UAS at a satisfactory level suitable for referral.

If you are a customer in need of UAS services, or a UAS company that would like to apply to join our GRADD Trusted Partner Alliance, please contact us.
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