2900 Meade Avenue, Suite 8, Las Vegas, NV 89102

GRADD’s engineers are mentoring a group of summer interns (from Sunrise Mountain High School’s nationally acclaimed Aviation Club, sponsored by GRADD’s partner NVBAA) in designing the ‘GRADD Wing’. The GRADD Wing project was started with the ambitious design vision of creating a plane that can:

  • Achieve a flight speed of over 100 mph,
  • Have a minimum flight time of over 1 hour, and
  • Be constructed for less than $100 (excluding batteries).

After many design iterations, the team has produced a truly unique flying wing design unlike anything currently available on the market. In simulations, the GRADD Wing is capable of flying at over 200mph at about 50% power and has reached speeds of over 400mph in a controlled nose dive.

Stay tuned for updates as the intern team constructs & test flies the scale model of its design in the coming months!

Additionally, GRADD has been conducting R&D on custom sensor packages for use on any variety of UAS platforms, as well as brainstorming about future commercial applications for UAS platforms. Stay tuned for future product and application announcements.