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Complete b-mobile VUE and FLIR VUR Pro Setup Instructions

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Updating the FLIR Vue Pro

Take the Micro SD card and insert into a computer using a card reader.

Download the most recent software from the link below:


Unzip the folder and transfer all of the files onto the Micro SD card.

Then take the Micro SD card and insert it into the FLIR Vue Pro.

On your mobile device download the FLIR UAS application.

Turn on the FLIR by connecting the FLIR to its battery and wait for the 3 beeps that confirms it has turned on completely.

Open the FLIR UAS application and connect to the FLIR Camera.

Make sure bluetooth is activated on your mobile device.

Follow the onscreen instructions to update the FLIR camera.

Your FLIR camera should now be updated.


Connecting FLIR Vue Pro to Black Pearl FPV Monitor

Power on the FLIR Vue Pro

When the 3 beeps occur, FLIR is completely activated.

Power on the Black Pearl Monitor

Select DIV mode by pressing the Mode button until DIV mode is selected.

Then Select the correct channel by pressing the channel buttons

The feed with the best connection is the correct feed.

At this point you can connect your mobile device to the FLIR to record and adjust settings.

If the Band you are currently on does not have any supported channels, change the band.

To do so press the Menu Button

Scroll down with the volume buttons to the RF tab (The bottom tab)

Press enter to select the tab

Press enter to select the diversity band and use the volume buttons to choose a different band

Begin by testing each band from beginning to end. Here are the list of Bands with working channels and non working channels.

No channel available
No channel available
*** Disclaimer the list above does not apply for all FLIR cameras. Some channels and bands may work with other FLIR cameras.

                    The FLIR is now ready to be used.

How to connect to the FLIR Mobile App

Enter your phone’s app store and download the app FLIR UAS.

  • Once the app has downloaded, open the app.

Ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Connect the FLIR Vue Pro to the b-mobile VUE cable which powers the FLIR.

When the 3 beeps are heard, the device is powered on.

Once the app is open, select the camera that is displayed onscreen.

    • Enter the control panel after you have connected, which will allow you to select the camera settings for the FLIR.

    • To change the capture settings, adjust select to the desired capture method.

    • Single: Takes only one shot

    • Multiple: Takes multiple shots at the selected time interval (these shots are treated as separate shots not a video).

    • Timelapse: Takes multiple shots at the selected time interval and frame rate (these shots are stitched together into a video).

    • Video: A video recording of the view.

  • When ready to start, select the blue record button to the left of the capture methods.

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