Use drones (UAV) for Traffic Accident Reconstruction


The Innovative Solution for Traffic Accident Reconstruction and Investigation

The Complete Solution for all Police, FIRE, and EMS

GRADD, along with its partner, Analist Group of Italy, offer the most innovative traffic accident reconstruction methods for law enforcement, and traffic accident investigators. A complete solution has been devised to accurately reconstruct a scene, for the purpose of capturing the scene in 3D with extremely high detail, to allow measurements. Investigating a traffic accident requires a fine balance between two competing demands – the requirement for collecting thorough, lasting evidence, and the need to re-open roads as soon as possible, allowing traffic to flow again.

GRADD provides a full range of aerial intelligence (video and photography) that gives the first responders and investigation teams the tools and evidence they need. Our solution reduces the time and resources needed to collect data, and may drastically reduce the time roadways are closed, or operating under reduced lane conditions. Contact us today for more information.